About the name: Literally translated Hopeasepänpaja Korpilintu means Silversmith’s Workshop Wilderness Bird, however since korpilintu is actually just another name for raven the translation that conveys the meaning better would probably be Silversmith’s Workshop Raven.

Silversmith Milja Paldanius

I’ve always been good at making things with my hands but I never thought to make a career out of it until I ended up studying silversmithing. I was surprised how much I enjoyed working silver and other metals and as my studies progressed an idea of my own business started to develop.

At my last year of study a I had made up my mind and already chosen what my business would be called and where I would start it. Both decicions were influenced by my yearning for the wilderness of Kainuu, the province where I grew up. Year after graduating I was finally ready and so in March 2017 Hopeasepänpaja Korpilintu opened it’s doors to business.

Now I create handcrafted silver jewelry and decorative items in my workshop for sale as well as unique customized work according to customers’ wishes. My services also include fixing and cleaning silver jewelry/items.

Products and Inspiration

Every product is handmade by me (only exception to this are the silver beetles used in the Beetle collection, those are made by pouring molten silver into a mold and only after that worked by hand into a desired shape, like a ring for example) from 925 sterling silver. I also make gold jewelry but that is customized work only.

I get my inspiration from the different shapes found in nature, plants and animals, shapes and stories created by humans and even from interestingly shaped piece of silver left over from previous work. To put it simply my inspiration is the world around us, everything that catches my eye and stays in my mind.

Pictures about my creations can be found at https://www.instagram.com/hkorpilintu/