Customized work

Hopeasepänpaja Korpilintu’s services include creating unique customized products according to customers’ wishes. Ordering customized work doesn’t necessarily mean it will be expensive. Since the price mostly consists of the amount of material (silver, gold, gemstones) and time used it can be influenced by simplifying the planned design and making the jewelry/decorative item smaller.


You can order customized work simply by contacting me via e-mail, phone, visit to the workshop and so on. When ordering you don’t need to have an exact plan of what you want a vague idea is enough. That said, I can create the jewelry/item from customer’s own sketches if they want to design it completely by themselves. If the customized order needs to be ready by certain date please contact me in timely manner since the whole process may take from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the amount of work needed.

Planning and designing

After the customer has told me their idea I’ll draw a few different sketches from which they can choose the one they want. If there isn’t a suitable one in the first batch I’ll draw more with the help of the customer’s comments until they are satisfied. During planning materials that are going to be used are also chosen (silver, gold, gemstones). If a customer wants it, silver can also be paired with some less conventional materials such as wood, animal bone, plastic or leather for example.


After a plan and price have been agreed on I’ll start the process of making the jewelry/item. I usually do the customized works that are most urgent first and the rest in the order they came in. If needed I’ll keep the customer informed on my process but usually I’ll contact them only after finishing.

Payment and delivery

Customized work can be delivered by post or you can pick up your order from the workshop. When picking up from the workshop you can pay with card (Visa, MasterCard) or cash. If the order is going to be mailed you’ll get an e-mail with a picture of the finished work and an invoice, which needs to be paid before the jewelry/ decorative item will be sent.